Ambra Super Gold 15W-40

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200 Liter Barrel 43,76 Kr  per liter Minimumskjøp: 1
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Ambra Super Gold 15W-40 is a multigrade motor oil for all normally aspirated diesel engines and turbo-chargers, regardless of type or performance grade, for tractors, harvesters, agricultural vehicles and excavators.

  • Reduced oil usage
  • High thermal stability, to ensure that the oil stays slippery for an extended amount of time
  • Optimum wear protection properties, which protect against wear under any load
  • High viscometric stability to ensure a high and constant pressure in the lubrication circulation, even at high temperatures
  • Optimum anti-corrosive properties against acidic products, which result from burning diesel oil with a high sulphuric content
  • High anti-foaming properties for maximum lubricity on moving surfaces

Usage Recommendations

Ambra Super Gold 15W-40 can be used between -25°C and +40°C. Oil change intervals according to manufacturer specifications.

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