Castrol EDGE Professional Titanium FST Longlife 3 5W-30

Lager nivå
1 Liter Kan 123,42 Kr  per liter Minimumskjøp: 12
123,42 Kr
1 Liter Kan 211,20 Kr  per liter Minimumskjøp: 1
211,20 Kr
4 Liter Canister 124,95 Kr  per liter Minimumskjøp: 1
499,80 Kr

In addition to the well known Castrol EDGE FST products, we also have a select range of Castrol EDGE Professional oils. Castrol EDGE Professional motor oils were originally developed by Castrol exclusively for contracted Garages and car dealerships, while being the successor to Castrols SLX series. All Castrol EDGE Professional oils possess special OEM referrals depending on its purpose.

Castrol EDGE Professional Longlife 3 5W-30 - Successor of the product Castrol SLX 5W-30 Longlife 3 PP!

Castrol EDGE Professional with Fluid Strength Technology ™ is Castrol's strongest and most advanced engine oil series.

The low-friction viscosity reduces friction within the engine which ensures noticeably more power and less fuel consumption. Castrol’s microfiltration system provides a extremely pure oil. To be clearly identified as a Castrol EDGE Professional Premium Product the oil is marked with a authentic feature, namely a fluorescent dye which can be seen under bright UV light.

Castrol EDGE Professional Longlife III 5W-30 has been developed in partnership with VW for the latest engine generation and ensures best wear protection and maximum engine power for all VW models with extended service intervals.

According to the approvals ACEA C3 Castrol EDGE Professional Longlife 3 5W-30 is suitable for vehicles that require engine lubricants with a 5W-30 viscosity. Specially developed for vehicles which require an engine lubricant according to VW 504 00/507 00 and Porsche C30.


  • Castrol Fluid Strength Technology ™ ensures minimum wear and maximum engine performance with a thin and stable lubrication film.
  • Castrol EDGE Professional reduces friction in the engine by up to 40% and retains its unsurpassed performance 40% longer than the best competing products.
  • Designed for LongLife-Service intervals for VW.
  • Protects exhaust after treatment systems through a reduced content of sulphated ash, phosphor and sulfur (low SAPS)
  • Unsurpassed wear protection under all conditions.
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